Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Covid-19

Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Covid-19

Secure the best outcome you can, with our Guest, Jonathan Colbran


What is bankruptcy/liquidation and what should you know about these things during Covid 19? Financial Planner Luke Smith spoke with Jonathon Colbran from RSM Australia. RSM is a world leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services and Jonathan is a Partner in restructuring and recovery. Jonathan has almost 20 years in this field and has worked with individuals and companies, both small and big over this time.

They begin the discussion though about the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the financial impact it’s having on many Australian individuals, families and businesses right now. 

Key highlights include:

  • What is the role of a professional within restructuring and recovery?
  • Why having a conversation with them sooner rather than later, if you find yourself or your business in financial stress will benefit you.
  • Don’t think the first step here is bankruptcy of yourself or shutting down a business, things can be restructured to continue as normal – that’s often the outcome. It can create a stronger financial position.
  • Defining the key terms, bankruptcy and liquidation – what are these exactly?
  • What is receivership?
  • Common questions from individuals and families:
    • I’ve lost my job or I’ve got too much debt, what are my options?
    • What are some of the implications of becoming bankrupt eg, what happens to the family home?
    • How long does bankruptcy last?
    • What does a conversation about bankruptcy cover?
    • How is bankruptcy a fresh start?
  • Common questions from business owners:
    • My business is under stress as a result of covid 19, what are my options?
    • What at are my duties/obligations as a business owner/director?

Financial planning advice can assist you make informed decisions. So can the advice of a Restructuring and recovery consultant. Would you like to discuss your financial planning future?


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Bankruptcy and Liquidation
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