Luke on 2CC – Talking trust and discretionary family trust

Luke on 2CC – Talking trust and discretionary family trust

Trust: It’s a part of every great relationship – but it’s also a structure to help you manage your investments. In this episode we take a closer look at family trusts. 

Luke Smith joined Richard Perno on Radio Station 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM.
The Money Show aired onLuke Smith, Financial Planner is on Talking Canberra Friday 17 August 2018.

Luke and Richard talk about trusts and why you would use a trust in your financial planning.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a discretionary family trust?
  • Different kinds of trusts available
  • Capital gains tax, income tax and asset protection benefits
  • The importance of setting up family trusts correctly, and
  • Seek advice before you set up a trust so you make the most of your options – it pays to plan.

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