Luke on 2CC – Talking Government Super PSSap and Insurance

Luke on 2CC – Talking Government Super PSSap and Insurance

Luke Smith joined Rod Henshaw on Radio Station 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM. The show aired on Friday 16 February 2018. The topic was Government Superannuation (PSSap) and Insurance.

If you missed the discussion click here to listen to the podcast now.Luke Smith, Financial Planner is on Talking Canberra

Luke and Rod talk about the PSSap Superannuation plan that most Government employees are members of. This follows on from a conversation a couple of shows back about CSS and PSS which are defined benefit superannuation schemes. Luke also discusses insurance.

The acronym of the week is NCC – Non Concessional Contribution. It’s a kind of superannuation contribution where no tax deduction is claimed, and there is a limit on how much you can put into your super with these kinds of contributions each year.

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PSSapLuke will be back on Monday 5 March – 2CC 1206AM, at 4.30pm. The financial planning show will then return to every Friday fortnight.

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