Luke on 2CC – Exchange Traded Funds

Luke on 2CC – Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds – How do they work?

Luke Smith joined 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM.
Financial Adviser, Luke Smith, Financial Planner CanberraThe Money Show aired on Friday 11 September 2020 and the topic: What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)? 

Financial Planner Luke Smith joins 2CC to explore a type of investment called an Exchange Traded Fund, or ETF for short. This type of investment vehicle has become more popular in the last 5 years. Be sure to seek advice if you need help with your own investment planning. They start the show however talking about how good the weather is getting as we come out of winter, what a great day for a round of golf.

Key highlights include:

  • What is an Exchanged Traded Fund (ETF)?
  • Did you know you can buy ETFs on the sharemarket and you buy and sell them like a share?
  • What investment areas do ETFs cover? 
  • What are the benefits of an ETF within an investment portfolio?
  • What’s the difference between a Standard ETF and a Synthetic ETF?
  • Can you still get franking credits using ETFs?
  • Like all investments, ETFs have costs and risks, so understand what you’re buying into.
  • Think about how an ETF fits with your own risk profile and investment needs.
  • Can ETFs hold other kinds of investments other than shares?
  • Luke’s top tips to think about before you invest.
  • An offer for a free appointment to talk about your own investment planning goals and objectives. Everyone has different goals and personal financial planning advice can help you achieve them more effectively. 

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How can an ETF work towards your investment goals?

Exchange Traded Funds
Seek advice about how ETFs can form part of your investment portfolio

Luke Smith at Envision Financial can help you set and work towards your own financial goals including investment planning and the use of ETF’s to help you achieve your goals. We’re very pleased to let you know that we’ve returned to the office for appointments given Covid-19. 

Envision 2CC offer:  Your first appointment is at our cost. Make an appointment to confidentially discuss your own financial, work and investment goals. Call Envision Financial Services on 6260 4749. You can also use our contact us form to make an appointment for a confidential discussion about your situation.

Luke will return to talk about financial planning on 2CC Talking Canberra next Friday from 4.30pm. Tune into listen live or visit our website again to catch up on the podcast. You can also check out our YouTube Channel at Envision Financial Canberra.


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