Luke on 2CC – Love and Money

Luke on 2CC – Love and Money

What to think about when separating?

Luke Smith joined 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM.
Financial Adviser, Luke Smith, Financial Planner CanberraThe Money Show aired on Friday 6 September 2019.

Relationship breakdowns are challenging and tough to go through. But what do you need to think about from a financial perspective if you find yourself going through one? In this episode Luke talks about love and money.

Key highlights include:

  • Reviewing your estate planning – Updating your Will and Binding nomination
  • Reviewing your Power of Attorney
  • Consider who controls the structures you share, like accounts, companies or SMSFs
  • The importance of seeking legal advice and stamp duty!
  • What are the assumptions that people make about separating?
  • What is a Binding Financial Agreement?
  • Separating and new relationships bring up alot of the sames financial issues
  • An offer to trail our knowledge centre which is full of information and videos at no cost. Checkout our online calculators too.

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Do you need help with your financial planning?

Separation and moneyIf would like to talk about your financial situation and setting some strategies, perhaps as a result of a separation, make an appointment to meet Luke at Envision Financial Services on 6260 4749. You can also use our contact us form to make an appointment for a confidential discussion about your situation. Envision Financial can also work with your estate planning solicitor or refer you to one if you don’t have one.

Envision 2CC offer:  Your first appointment is at our cost. Make an appointment to confidentially discuss your financial situation and  financial goals.

Luke will return to talk about financial planning on 2CC Talking Canberra next Friday from 4.30pm. Tune into listen live or visit our website again to catch up on the podcast. You can also check out our YouTube Channel at Envision Financial Canberra.


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