Luke on 2CC – Set goals for the new financial year!

Luke on 2CC – Set goals for the new financial year!

Financial Planner Luke Smith joined 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM in Money Matters, which aired live on Friday 28 June 2024. The end of the financial year was this past weekend, so if you missed out on making a super contribution to get a tax deduction this year, plan ahead for next year and that’s inline with this week’s topic: Is it time to make some financial year resolutions for the new financial year? Goal setting and good habits are essential to help you reach your goals. Thank you for joining us live on 2CC or your favourite podcast streaming service.

Key topics covered include:

  • The end of financial year is a great time consider your new financial year goals
  • What opportunities are the for the new financial year? Super contribution limit changes and tax cuts!
  • Look where your money is going when you spend it. Is a change of behaviour appropriate if spending is high in a certain area?
  • Will you start a new investment and let in compound?
  • Can you automate saving so it just happens without thinking about it?
  • Set specific goals and reward yourself when you achieve them
  • Take stock of what you have at home, can you sell any second hand items?
  • Luke shares his top tips around setting goals for the new financial year. Seek advice if you need help

This podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify – ‘The Strategy Stacker – Luke Talks Money’

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What are your new year financial goals?

Financial goal setting for the new year!
With the new financial year starting, it’s a great time to think about your new year financial goals. Will you review your spending? Should you start an investment? Will you contribute to super? Or perhaps you’ll start retirement planning! Seek financial advice if you need help.

Luke as a Financial Planner can help you set up a financial planning strategy to help you achieve your personal financial goals, including investment, super and retirement. Make an appointment to confidentially discuss your goals. Call Envision Financial Services on 6260 4749. You can use the contact us form to make an appointment, for a confidential discussion about your situation.

Luke will return to 2CC to talk about other ‘Money Matters’ next week. You can catch up with ‘The Strategy Stacker – Luke Talks Money’ podcast at a time that suits you.

We look forward to your company again and Luke’s book Smart Money Strategy is out now.  

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