Covid Special – Covid 19 and Your Home Loan – What you need to know

Covid Special – Covid 19 and Your Home Loan – What you need to know

Covid 19 and Lending, with our Guest, David Thomas


The saying your home is your castle, has probably never been more true. We’ve been bunkering down during Covid-19 which has had a big impact on many personal and family finances.

Financial Planner Luke Smith spoke with David Thomas from Trilogy Funding. Trilogy Funding is the property investor’s mortgage broker. They help first home buyers, first time property investors and experienced property investors secure the right kinds of loans for their circumstances. They can also help people who would like to explore their home loan options, as a result of the coronavirus. David Thomas is the Managing Director and he’s supported by an able team of expert mortgage brokers in Canberra.

They begin the discussion though about how Trilogy helps people make the most of their loan options and work through three common Covid-19 scenarios.

I’ve had a total loss of income as a result of Covid-19

  • Can I put my repayments on hold?
  • Why is it important to take action on a loan before defaulting on a repayment?
  • How will it impact your credit score and future loan?

I’ve had a slight loss of income as a result of Covid-19

  • What are the things we can do to help our short term cash flow?
  • Can I look for a better loan deal? Move to interest only repayments? Move to a longer term loan?
  • How long does it take to get a new loan and are their costs generally?
  • Do lenders treat clients the same or do they take into account your own specific situation?

I’ve had no change in my income as a result of Covid-19

  • Can I get a better deal?
  • Can I consolidate debts and get a better rate?
  • What is a better deal? I’ve heard interest rates are low right now
  • Can investors get better loan deals on those kinds of loans?

Are the any other strategies that can be considered?

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Coronavirus and home loan replayments
Covid 19 and Home Loans

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