Luke on 2CC – Should I buy an investment property or put my money into super?

Luke on 2CC – Should I buy an investment property or put my money into super?

Investment property versus superannuation – what are the key issues?  

Financial Adviser, Luke Smith, on 2CC Canberra
Financial Planner Luke Smith joined 2CC Talking Canberra 1206AM in
The Money Show which aired on Friday 14 May 2021. This week’s topic: Property – Should I buy another investment property or should I put my money into super? 

This question might not be a question for you right now, but what will you do when you have some extra funds available? And if you do have some extra funds available, will you leave them in a low interest savings account or will you try and invest them to get a better return? 

In this episode Luke provides his insights and tips into the factors you might think about.

Key highlights include:

  • As always it starts with Why? What are your goals, why are you seeking to invest?
  • It’s not about one is better than the other, it’s about understanding the issues before you make a decision 
  • Why might you consider property? How much will it return? Think about net income after expenses.
  • Depending on how you structure things, you might be able to invest in both super and property?
  • Don’t forget about liquidity – you can’t sell part of a property if you need access to only some of the money. 
  • Interest rates are low, so people are borrowing more to buy property. 
  • Can you buy a residential or  commercial property in a self managed super fund? 
  • What are the basic pros and cons for property and for superannuation? 
  • Think about your time frame and your risk profile too.
  • Does it make a difference on how old you are?
  • Luke offers his top tips for thinking about these issues, including the opportunity to do both. 
  • Seek advice if you need help to make an informed decision.
  • Everyone has different goals and financial planning advice can help you achieve them more effectively, especially when you link different strategies.
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Do you need advice around investing and super? 

A person working out their numbers before they make a decision
Do your numbers before you make a decision. Don’t forget about all of the costs either. If you need help seek advice before you make a decision.

Luke as a Financial Planner can help you set up a financial planning strategy to help you achieve your personal financial goals. The decision to invest in super or a property can be complicated but the good news is you can make an appointment to speak with Luke about your specific situation, goals and objectives.

Make an appointment to confidentially discuss your own goals  around money, super, investment, insurance or retirement. Call Envision Financial Services on 6260 4749. You can also use our contact us form to make an appointment for a confidential discussion about your situation.

Luke will return to talk about financial planning on 2CC next Friday fortnight.  You can also catch up with The Strategy Stacker – Luke Talks Money podcast.  We look forward to your company again.


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